Tableau Alliance Partner

Datix + Tableau = Data Demystified

Apply Tableau’s BI solutions to get results more easily and quickly.

As a trusted partner, Datix can provide you with Tableau consulting services. What differentiates us is our profound knowledge of data combined with unparalleled depth of skill in Tableau.

Datix adds value by providing our clients with comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions – from data silos to data discovery – that create a full picture of corporate initiatives and improve decision making.

Our staff come armed with an understanding not just of the technical side of Tableau but also of analytical best practices used worldwide by Tableau customers of all sizes. Customers often see nearly instantaneous results from their consulting engagements with Datix.

Tableau Alliance Partner

Our Capability

Our consultants are not just smart techies who know databases, IT environments, and software. They are also business people who have practical experience using data and visual analysis to solve real business problems.

Datix consultants can help transform your most stubborn databases and spreadsheets into sources for easy investigation in Tableau. There’s no need for you to spend valuable time and resources wrestling with your data.

Our Consulting Services
  • Available BI tools and components – it is very common for organisations to be licensed for products they are not using to their full capability
  • Data availability through the organisation – do the right people have access and visibility of the relevant data?
  • Data strategy – does the organisation’s data strategy support analytics and BI?
  • Strategic goals – are the BI projects and tools aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation?
  • Training and knowledge transfer opportunities – often the knowledge exists within the organisation and just needs to be harnessed
  • BI project planning – planning for an effective BI project is different to traditional system development