It's about knowing how to get there

To be NDIS Ready, service providers need efficient and effective administrative capability. Service providers need to review the alignment of their existing business processes against best-practice controls.

NDIS Management System

Datix can provide a step-by-step plan for your organisation to improve its NDIS operations and efficiencies.

Through our NDIS Capability Assessment, Datix can help you identify areas of improvement to be compliant with the NDIS business model and retain the competitiveness of your services.

Complete Visibility

Datix reviews your existing administrative controls (standards and policies), performs technical reviews (tools based reviews of actual implementation), and observation of work practices to build an assessment report that can be used by managers and staff to improve the state of their NDIS-related operations.

A Step-by-Step Plan

The NDIS Capability Assessment report provides a comparison of your current state, compared against the industry, as well as a step-by-step business improvement plan that can be used as a roadmap to meet those gaps.

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