NDIS Management System

The Challenge
Tackling the new NDIS Model

The key challenge that Service Providers face is that their business model may not be in alignment to the new NDIS Model. Service Providers need answers to the following questions:

How can we efficiently recover cash flow to cover operations?

How will the transition to NDIS impact our existing and future clients?

What is the unit cost of running our services?

How much time do we have to deliver services to our clients before plans expire?

What is our current staff utilisation/performance and how can we improve it?

What is our service performance and which services are financially viable?

How can we make our service delivery more efficient and customer focussed?

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The Solution
Make better decisions with the Datix NDIS BI Suite

The NDIS BI Suite gives you insights across your business, including:


Client demographics, including attrition and retention


P&L, market share, budget analysis, sales and unit costing


Workforce analysis, utilisation, productivity and skill-set alignment


Analyses of service delivery, NDIS Plan, efficiency and viability

Don’t re-invent the wheel —
use the NDIS BI Suite

The NDIS BI Suite is a ready-to-use collection of insightful reports and dashboards based on a data model made specifically for NDIS Service Providers, and powered by Tableau.

The BI Suite uses up to 14 key data metrics across the four business perspectives (Clients, Finance, Staff and Services & Plans) of the NDIS model.

So instead of thinking about what to measure and how to build it, use the NDIS BI Suite that works immediately with your data*.

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