What's your BI strategy?

Do you have a Business Intelligence strategy?

Gartner reports that nearly 70% of Business Intelligence projects fail. Datix can help you avoid this through our BI Strategy Planning.

Preparing the roadmap for your BI investment can be a daunting task and a deeply political one, too. Business people invariably seek to get IT out of the equation so they can work with the data faster. IT fights back as they need to be sure the data being provided is accurate and reliable as they are on the hook if it’s not.

Does that found familiar?

A review of your Business Intelligence capability can ensure you get the best value from the tools you own and that you make the right decisions about future projects.

Most organisations now have some form of BI capability. However, it is just as common not to realise the full value of this investment. The reasons for this are often a series of interlinking factors making it hard for those close to the organisation.

Our BI Strategy Planning Methodology

The BI Strategy Planning will typically take 2-3 weeks although it can be spread over a longer period to tie in with the availability of key stakeholders. Datix will then present these findings to you in a written report, as well as presentations to stakeholders.

We are realistic about the constraints within which your organisation must operate so our recommendations are pragmatic and actionable rather than theoretical and impractical.

What We Look At in a BI Strategy Planning
  • Available BI tools and components – it is very common for organisations to be licensed for products they are not using to their full capability
  • Data availability through the organisation – do the right people have access and visibility of the relevant data?
  • Data strategy – does the organisation’s data strategy support analytics and BI?
  • Strategic goals – are the BI projects and tools aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation?
  • Training and knowledge transfer opportunities – often the knowledge exists within the organisation and just needs to be harnessed
  • BI project planning – planning for an effective BI project is different to traditional system development

Let us help you create a strategy that will deliver success for you and your business. Don’t end up in the 70%!